"A Synthesis of Sight and Sound"

If You Could Hear These Walls is about experiencing Philadelphia murals in unexpected ways through music - transforming the perception of murals from mere public art into valuable community gathering places. It's about connecting composers with people that live near the murals and helping the communities further explore their identity.

A collaboration between the American Composers Forum Philadelphia Chapter and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, the project featured 14 composers writing new compositions in various genres for three iconic murals. In addition to writing new music, they will turn their talents towards the residents of the diverse communities around the murals and offer workshops, classes, and lessons on music performance and composition.

Branding, design elements, transit posters and postcards were created for this event. Learn more about the event here: http://hearthesewalls.acfphiladelphia.org/index.html

Designed for Philadelphia-based Here's My Chance

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